Diy Remesiel Vákuové odlievanie Vákuové kapota plastových fliaš 0 thumb
Diy Remesiel Vákuové odlievanie Vákuové kapota plastových fliaš 1 thumb

Diy Remesiel Vákuové odlievanie Vákuové kapota plastových fliaš

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Štítky: dlaždice casting mold, investment casting banky, hruška casting mold, tortu kovovej formy, opravy moto kľúč, zariadenia na odlievanie kovov, domov kovových odliatkov zlievarenský, šperky nástroj odlievanie kovov, zliatiny die cast, mini vákuové odlievanie.

  • - Kód: s31864
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  • Kategória: Korálky A Šperky Robiť

Kryt výška 34 CM, vnútorný priemer: 38 CM, celkový priemer cca 45 CM B kryt výška 28 CM, vnútorný priemer: 34 CM, celkový priemer cca 40 CM C kryt výška 25 CM, vnútorný priemer: 28 CM, celkový priemer cca 34 CM

  • Číslo Modelu: WX346
  • Šperky, Nástroje A Vybavenie, Typ: Formy
  • Položka Druh: Šperky, Nástroje A Zariadenia
  • Materiál: Kov


Delivered days in 10 to the door of the EMC. The cap cost me 5400 thanks to the seller for the humane price. In the Russian Federation is twice as expensive. Packed on glory, a box of double cardboard, pupyrka, polythene foam and a car of the party newspaper zeminjebau. The cap is strong without defects, bubbles and cracks in the glass is not present. Minus that the glass has different thickness. Apparently they pulled from the sheet and did not form. The base of the flange is more than 10mm thick to the top smoothly becomes thinner and at the very top the thickness does not exceed 5mm. But at the same time, the cap is very strong, does not play at all, I put it on it and it sustained my weight (95 kg) without problems. On the photo for understanding under the cap are two supports 100x200mm (new) plus 60x100, one more photo with three supports 80x160, 70x140. To buy I recommend but at a humane price. It cost me 2900 cap and 2500 shipping.